Caricatures: Art that Tickles

Digital Art

I have to admit that I am just beginning to learn this medium. I realize that my artwork begins in my head and I’m just adjusting to the material at hand.

There are several differences. First, the feel of drawing or painting on paper or canvas is wildly different from rendering the image on a glass using a stylus pen. There is a few centimeter difference because of the thickness of the glass. Rendering in color is a breeze because you have an unlimited palette of colors. You can undo mistakes and you can move elements around. You can multiple copies of the final image. You can send it over via text, email or “Air-drop.” The recipient can share that image around as well.

Unlike digital, an actual paper artwork is unique and you have my actual signature — when I get rich and famous that piece of original art will be expensive unlike its digital counterpart.


Digital images can be turned into animated GIFs.

Luna the Cat

Luna the cat who found a home by hanging around an apartment in Brooklyn New York City. A poster was given as a surprise birthday gift. It was also sent digitally so the owners could pass the image among their friends.


An Egyptian Family

Their comment:

Hi Raoul,

I got the picture. It’s beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much. I will hang it on my living room.



Graduation class picture


Solo graduation picture