Caricatures: Art that Tickles



Give a special gift to that special someone. Something that will be cherished forever. It will be an original pen or ink rendition by Raoul Pascual in black and white on high quality drawing paper. This is really classy.

Tell us what you want that person to be remembered by. Was he/she the best cook ever? Was he/she a musician? Let us know and we will incorporate that character trait in the picture.  The dimensions will be dependent on the picture frame.

Tip: Since this is a made-to-order project, decide on how big or small you want the illustration. If it is to be framed, find the frame first and we will make sure the work will fit that frame. Or you can imagine how the picture will be used on a wall or a desktop and we will take it from there.


I can frame it for you. The final price will depend on the cost of the frame.

Call us for details. (562) 315-5828

In need of book illustrations? Political cartoons? Here are illustrations I have done for books and other publications.

Illustrations for Ministry manuals.




We can also do book illustrations. We especially like working on Children’s books. You come up with the text and we can take it from there. We will do the design, the layout, even set up your marketing.

Raoul's Insurance interpretation

Explanation of how Insurance works. 


Writing a political commentary? Explain your concept, tell us where and how you plan to use it. Will it be used on the web? Will it be printed? Will it be a poster? A T-shirt design? We know how to prep the file for any medium.

The OJ Simpson trial

Political Cartoon


Political cartoon

Political cartoon

Democrat Icon

Republican Icon