I can do a face in 2 minutes and I can keep on drawing caricatures for hours. Once, I started drawing at 9:30. The lines were so long that I only had a 20 minute lunch break and finished around 5 in the afternoon.

I was tired but I had fun.

--- Raoul Pascual


Although I color with acrylics, oils or pencils, most of my colored work is done with computers.

I recently attended an Open Mic event at the La Habra Art Gallery and decided to draw all the musicians. At the end of the evening, I had quite a collection of caricatures. The museum curator collected all the sketches and I think she will be exhibiting them in a future event. CLICK HERE.

Most of these quickies were done in about 5 minutes all were done within an hour.
Mick Jagger Malcolm in the middle
aging Sly Stallone Thor
Elephant Bath Horse-sing around
Justin the Beaver
Justin the Beaver
Justin the Beaver
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