Caricatures: Art that Tickles

Live Performance

Let’s “face” it. When I draw, it’s really a performance where people have fun watching lines evolve into familiar “faces.”

Do you have an event where you need entertainment of a different kind? A caricature is something that will remind people of their time with you. I know of families that come to my annual events because they hang every picture in their homes. I feel like I know them because I’ve known their children since they were babies.

Raoul at the Garie Center in La Habra CA

If your event is the Southern California area, you can book my services. I love drawing caricatures and my goal is to be the most prolific artist in history so my charge is only $150 an hour. You provide the paper (the larger the size, the better so people can enjoy watching the process), two chairs (or more) and a small table for my art materials. Be sure there is good lighting (incandescent lamps are better than fluorescent or LED lights (they’re easier on the eyes).  My hands start shaking when it’s cold so please make sure I am well heated. If you are doing this as a fund raiser, please provide a donation jar and place a sign with a suggested donation amount. (It is important to charge per face. If you only charge per drawing, sometimes people want 2 or more faces and even their pets in one picture.)

If I will be working during meal time. please provide food for me in advance — after all, I am human and I need sustenance. Often I have worked 5 hours straight. Eating before I work prevents a break in the momentum and the people in line appreciate that.

Raoul at the Harmony Craft Fair

It helps if someone volunteers to take care of the line. It’s good to have a signup list because it allows people to go around and enjoy the event instead of staying in line the whole time. One important task of the volunteer is to end the line especially when it is near closing time. In the past, people complained because they waited in line for hours only to be told that I had to end my work.

How long does it take?

I tend to start a little slow in the beginning because I need to adjust to the surroundings and my mind is processing the ratio between subject and paper. I usually get into the “groove of things” after the 2nd or 3rd drawing. I can draw a person’s face in 5 minutes. Sometimes I am on fire and can draw a face in 2 minutes.

Excited Superbaby

If you are a nonprofit organization with a NP license number, I will do it for free. You pay for travel expenses and paper used. All I ask is a donation letter. Why? I believe that nonprofits need a break and they are my partners in helping make our society a better place.

Call me: (562) 315-5828 to check availability.


What I need :

  • A seat for me
  • At least one seat for my subject(s)
  • A small table for my side to put my art materials
  • A small table to lean my sketch pad
  • Good lighting for me and another for my subject
  • Sketch Pad
  • A volunteer to control the line equipped with a pad to write the names of the people in proper order
  • A donation can

A setup in an open air fair. What’s missing? 2 small tables (so I had to settle for 2 extra seats). Missing also were 2 lamps — one for me and another for my subject.

The La Habra ArtWalk