Caricature artists need to capture that initial reaction when they see a face. It's hard for me to draw someone I know because their hopes and dreams and the beauty of their soul become too difficult to draw.

--- Raoul Pascual

Analyze this ... people see things differently. A big nose to one may look perfect to another. Artists like me look at people differently. I always ask myself what features stand out? Is it the eyes? Is it the shape of the head?

There are people whose features are quite prominent ... legendary may be more apt --- Jay Leno's chin, Ross Perot's ears, Angelinia Jolie's lips ...remember Betty Davis' eyes? Ever wonder what stands out in YOUR face? Got you self-conscious for a moment, huh?

Hello! My name is Raoul and welcome to Art Tickles --- my world of sketches (some humorous, some not) of celebrities and not-so-famous people as seen from MY eyes.

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